Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainy Market Days

This weekend was so much fun. 
We certainly had the rainiest weekend to date this year, here in the dry state of Texas.
But, oh my goodness. It was simply amazing!

My grandma's sister (my great Aunt Joyce) was visiting for the week and my mom and I had plans to take them out on a fun day somewhere.
We decided on Boerne Market Days
My mom and I like to frequent Boerne often. There are so many quaint little shops, and you are always bound to find something unique. Especially when they host market days. Seeing as how my Aunt had never been, we were excited to take her. 

Friday night, the hubby, kids, and I, packed it up and went to have a sleepover at my mom's house. I have found that waking up at my mom's house to leave somewhere early, is alot easier than trying to drag my 2 non-morning people kiddos, out of the house before 10 AM. 

Here is Taylor. . . not sleeping. (clearly) :)
Saturday morning. 6 AM I woke up to the unfamiliar sound of rain on the roof! Thinking our plans might be washed out, I fell back asleep. My mom came in at 9 and woke me up saying that the rain had stopped and let's get a move on it! We were burning daylight! (her favorite phrase, the one I have been hearing since I was a little girl. . .) And up we went! 

We arrived to Boerne, encountering only a little rain on the way. We made it through two booths, before the rain started up. Immediately we all tried to huddle under the safety of the little pop up tent. 4 women, and 2 strollers, I'd say we overcrowded the poor woman's display space.
The rain stopped, and we continued on our stroll. Then the rain came again. Commence huddling. This process continued for about 30 minutes, but we were having a lot of fun!
The kids have barely experienced any rainfall in their lives, so they were eating it up. Who doesn't love splashing in the rain? :)

The rain stopped for quite a while, and we were able to walk up and down main street, going in and out of the different shops.

Wyatt (like most men) had his fill of shopping, and fell asleep on us.

 We were planning on stopping for ice cream, when a bigger, black cloud seemed to be making it's way over to us.

That is when we decided to head to the safety of our vehicle and go for Dairy Queen. :) 
On our way home we saw a full rainbow. God's promise in action. I love it. 

I am thankful for the rain, and for the awesome weekend I got to spend with my family. 

Every day I am thankful for my mom and the fun times we share. 

I love that my kids get to grow up with their Great Grandparents. 

I loved watching Aunt Joyce play with the kids, and them get to spend time with their Great-Great Aunt. 

It was a beautiful weekend.

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