Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Night Before Baby

I can hardly believe it. The day is finally here. Tomorrow we get to meet our precious Cheyenne Grace. We go from a family of 4 to a family of 5. 
We are going to the hospital in the morning for a scheduled induction. This is different for us. With the first two kids, labor started on it's own so there was the element of surprise and unknown. With this one, knowing that we are going to wake up tomorrow and go have a baby... It's a crazy feeling. One minute it feels like a normal night. The next, I think oh man it's here!
We are so excited, John and I have cleaned and organized about as much as we can. The kids are at a super high energy level and so thrilled. 
In my last post, I mentioned Taylor has not talked about the baby as much as Wyatt has. Tonight though, she can't stop. :) She came home from school and told me "pretty much everyone at school knows I'm going to have a baby sister tomorrow." She has been practicing rocking, burping, singing to her babies. It's almost 11 and I found her in her room making cards for her little sister. And earlier she wrote this in her journal. My heart melts. 

So much love. 
We all can't wait to meet you Cheyenne Grace.