Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life With A 5 Year Old Big Brother

This morning Wyatt woke up and came into the living room where I was feeding Cheyenne. He is usually my first one up, and I enjoy the chats that we have on the couch just him, me, and the baby. He usually talks about a dream he had, or talks about how Cheyenne is growing. 

I was done feeding Cheyenne, and she was up on my shoulder burping. Wyatt asked if he could hold her. I said sure let me make sure she burps first and then you can have her. 
Usually I check with him to wash his hands, and I guess he was anticipating that, because he beat me to the punch with a hilarious statement.

"Since I just woke up, I don't need to wash hands."
I said ok...
He continues on to say
"Ya, as long as you just wake up and haven't gone outside, and you haven't picked your nose, then it's fine to hold the baby..."

And there you have it. 
If you haven't picked your nose this morning, you are welcome to hold my baby. :-D

In all seriousness, look at them. So much love in that sweet boy's heart. I am truly thankful.