Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Two Year Old Wyatt...

My Sweet Boy, 

You just turned two and I am still blinking my eyes wondering where the time went. It seems like yesterday I was holding your tiny (9 lb 12 oz) body in my arms, wrapped up in a cotton receiving blanket, and barely fitting into a newborn onesie. OK, so in terms of newborns, perhaps tiny is not the word to describe it, but you will always be little in my eyes. 
You are so full of life and at such a fun age. I love your little independent voice telling me "I do it, I do it" for every little thing, like climbing stairs, getting into your carseat, or using your own fork and spoon. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time.
(You are even adorable when you tell me that you don't want your picture taken) 
I love that you get so excited to see your favorite things...Like how the world stands still for a minute so that we can watch a tractor drive by.
Or how your face lights up when Taylor or Coco come into the room.
Or how you run screaming at the door that Daddy is home (and fall to tears if he is leaving).
I love when you tell me your juice is "gol gone" and when you find something you say "air it is!"
 I love that when you hear "Life Is A Highway" you scream CARS, and can watch the movie every day just like its the first time you've seen it.
I love that when we walk through a parking lot, you would rather hold Taylor's hand and form a train, then for me to carry you. (even though it makes me sad that I can't hold you like a baby...)

When I found out I was having a boy, a lot of people had many things to tell me about what it would be like to have a boy, how much of an adventure it would be. And let me tell you sweet baby, it has been the best adventure. You love your tractors, trains, and cars. 
You are energetic and fearless. 
You refuse to wear your floaties in the pool, and would rather just dive right in. 
You jump off the furniture, pull the dogs tail, and love to smash bugs on the porch.
You love to go play in the dirt and chase frogs with Coco.
You are ALL boy.
Yes, everyone told me all about the rough and tumble lifestyle I was about to take on, but one thing that they didn't tell me was the chance that the rough and tumble boy, would have an incredibly soft and loving heart for his momma.
When you are older and reading this I know that you will not like to be labeled a "momma's boy" but that is just the way it is. And I love it.
No matter what way you say it, whether you are crying "mommmmmaaaaa" or "mommy, mommy, mommy" or "MOM-MA!" I will always answer. 
The other day we were at the pool and you saw a bee in the water, and you grabbed my leg to push me back away from the edge and said "momma, atch out" 
Sweet boy, you know how to melt your momma's heart. 

You are only two years old, and your sweet protective innocence just overwhelms me with love and thankfulness. I could not have prayed for a better son. I love you always my sweet boy. Happy 2nd Birthday. :)

Love, Momma