Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Lately

For me, right now, life is BUSY. John and I are renewing our vows in THREE weeks. Yay! 
Taylor's birthday party is next weekend. Wow!
None the less, I am taking a break from sewing table runners and tutus, and I want to write about my babies.  :) 
I guess they technically don't fall into the "baby" category anymore but they will always be MY babies. 
Taylor is going to be 5 on Thursday. 
She is a sassy, independent, amazing little girl.Tonight, she told her daddy today that she would like a real computer, a real phone, and a real purse. Just like a grown up. When I told her that she was a little young for the computer and phone, she said but everybody has a phone, I will be so different, I want to be a grown up!
At first, I had no response... Thinking to myself, WHERE did that come from????!!!! 
Baby girl. You are FIVE. And I heard the words of my mom come out of my mouth, 
"Don't be in too much of a hurry to grow up baby."
And much like my own self  hearing that as a kid, I can tell she wasn't buying it. 
She keeps me on my toes. 
I am still coming to grips with the fact that in a few short months she will be starting kindergarten. I wouldn't say necessarily that I am in denial but they say admitting is the first step... ;) More on that another day...
For now, let's talk about my baby boy. 
He equally keeps me on my toes. Sometimes maybe even more. We have been potty training and this week has been a great success! For a few months now, he has done very well at home. But as soon as we would go out anywhere, I would put a pull up on just in case, and he would get lazy and use it as an excuse NOT to go. Even with no accidents at home he would act like he did not know a thing about the toilet and go in his pull-up. All that changed though, in the beginning of last week. He started telling me while we were in the stores that he had to go, and we would rush off to the bathroom and he would go! Accident free at home AND away for the past week now. Night time is still a work in progress, but today he woke up from his nap dry, and immediately went to the potty. I am a proud momma, and you can tell he gets so proud too. I just love that boy!
Feeling blessed and content tonight. ♥