Monday, April 28, 2014

My Sewing {Room} -- A Look At The Pink Rose Boutique

Tonight I want to share a few pictures of where The Pink Rose Boutique orders are filled! 

I am very happy with my space, and it is the perfect atmosphere for me to create and spend my day! 

My sewing "room" is actually what would be the breakfast area off my kitchen. We never used it, as we only have one table in the living/dining area. Previously, we had our deep freezer and the dog cage set up there. (I personally like the remodel! ;)) Coco never used her cage, and the freezer got moved to the garage! 

Welcome to -- The Pink Rose Boutique!

This is seriously my happy place. I LOVE windows and natural light, so I love the fact that I have the bay windows there. It is also convenient that the kids playground is right outside this window, and there is a side door (hidden from your view) that I can open, and watch the kids play while I sew!

This is where most of the work happens. I have my sewing machine, my iron, calendar, and white board! Orders get printed and hung on the board, along with important reminders and shopping lists. I also have a lovely picture up that Taylor drew me, that shows her and myself and it says "momma & taylor sowing"  Love. 
OH and we must not forget my pink chair! Christmas present from my parents, I LOVE it. 

Another view of my area. I include this view because notice the papers along the counter towards the kitchen sink? This is usually my assembly line area. I lay out the current invoices for the day, cut and prep fabric pieces and patterns, and lay them in a row, ready to sew. My sewing room quickly advances into the kitchen, and I am thankful my husband is pretty patient with it! He just moves on to one small corner of the kitchen if he wants to fix himself something. ;) There is also an island in the kitchen (to the right of this picture, not shown) and that is where I lay out my cutting mat and cut all the fabrics! An island is so convenient for cutting, because I can move the fabric freely from left to right, and not be constricted in any of my movements. Who said islands were just for cooking? :)

My dress form and my fabric cabinet! (On the book case to the right, you can also see my scrap fabric collection, and other sewing supplies and scissors.)

My husband is amazing. I told him I wanted a cabinet that was farm house looking, and functional. So he built me this! I love the chicken wire on the doors, and I love all the shelf space. (Although, I am thinking I might need a second cabinet soon!)

In it I store my fabrics: cotton, specialty, and minky, my shabby flowers and headband supplies, t-shirts, and shipping supplies! Organization makes me HAPPY.

Color coding also makes me happy! ;) 
Threads up on the wall, and on the book case here I have my velcro and elastic, and a collection of buttons and vintage sewing materials collected from both sides of my family. 
I got to spend more time with my Grandma Wetz learning how to sew, she was the inspiration for my shop. You can read that story here. And that is why I included a pink rose in the box there. The buttons and embroidery hoop were also hers.
 My Great Grandma Victoria, from my mom's side of the family passed away when I was a young, but I still have enough memories of her to know she was an AMAZING lady. She had 12 children, and raised them in a tiny farm house, raising pigs and growing corn. I can remember running through her house, eating homemade tortillas, and running outside with my Grandpa in the fields. 
If Grandma wasn't cooking (which she did from sun up to sun down) she was quilting. She had quite a talent, and now that I am older and a seamstress myself, I can appreciate her quilts even more. She hand quilted NUMEROUS quilts. All different kinds of designs and prints. My grandma and my mom have quite a few that I would love to photograph and share with you one day. I think of both of my grandmother's when I see this part of my sewing room.

That about wraps up my little tour! I enjoy sharing with you what goes on
behind the scenes of my computer! So many customers that I get the chance to connect with over the internet, I like to try and give you a picture of my little business!
Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day! :) 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Lately...

ONE YEAR since my last post! OMG! ONE WHOLE YEAR!
That makes me a little sad... I will tell you, my previous post about my shop The Pink Rose Boutique?
THAT is a big part of why I have not blogged... It has been sooo busy! I am very thankful to God for blessing my business. It has been so much fun, and a very wonderful journey. I am excited to see where it is going to continue!
What exactly do I want to share today? 

Life lately. 

Taylor is 6, and Wyatt is about to turn 4. 
Taylor is still dramatic, theatrical, and very sensitive. She loves with her whole heart, and she is obsessed with all things FROZEN!

Wyatt is adventurous, loves animals and the outdoors, and he is a total MOMMA'S boy. I have to stop and remind myself that one day he will outgrow it, and honestly, I get very sad to think about that day. But really my boy, I can go to HEB for an hour, and I PROMISE I will come back. I'm not going to run away.......
We sold our property and we are currently looking for land or a new home!
Taylor only has 1.5 more weeks left of dance class before her FIRST recital, and she has her FIRST field trip next month. I am so proud of her.
I am truly in love with my job. I get to SEW for a living! :) I get to stay home with my kids, wrap up the work day by 3:30 to get to the post office, and pick up Taylor from school! 

Afternoons are spent playing outside, gardening, and riding the horses. 

My handsome husband repainted our house and planted some grass in the front yard. (before and after will be shared later. ;))
I enjoy sitting with him in the evenings, watching him, watch the grass grow. Haha!
My roses are blooming and they make me very happy. 

My blog got a little face lift a couple of months ago, and I am in love with the new colors! :) 

That about wraps up the main highlights from the last couple of weeks! 

Really trying to promise myself that I will keep up with my blog! I depend a lot on my Project 365 photos on Facebook to document my kids lives, but I would really love for them to have their momma's words on paper to read one day. So here's to writing! ♥