Sunday, April 14, 2013

Introducing... The Pink Rose Boutique!

Today I am excited to share with you something that has been a few weeks in the making! 
My new baby! 

The name is inspired by my Grandma. My inspiration and the one I can give the credit to for teaching me how to sew. When I was little I can remember going to her house and making blankets for my dolls, pillow cases, little dresses, and also hand embroidery. As I got into high school, I did not sew as much, it was easier to just take my clothes to Gram if I needed something fixed. :)
It was after having Taylor that I really felt inspired to start making things again. My mom bought me a sewing machine for my birthday and I had Gram come over every week to sit with me while I sewed. 

Bows, dresses, blankets, shirts you name it, I tried my hand at making it.
And I loved it! I love watching a pile of fabric transform into something that is usable! 

(Like this recent trip to Hobby Lobby...This picture makes me EXTREMELY happy!) 

I have since ventured out into some other items: aprons, pillow covers, camera strap covers, and appliques. It is a very fun hobby. 
It was in the middle of my vow renewal planning that I had the strong desire to turn this hobby into a business! 
Obviously, March was a little busy, I was making decorations for the wedding. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking of a shop. First order of business was to think of a name. This next part might sound cliche' to you but it is meaningful to me. I prayed for God to help me decide on a name. I was stumped. Then one night I had a dream about my Grandma. She was sitting outside of her house smelling the roses in her flower bed. She told me about her rose plants and where each one came from. 
Nothing life changing, just a nice conversation with my Grandma.
I woke up with the name The Pink Rose on my mind. And it stuck. ;) 
Off to the courthouse to register, sign up for an Etsy shop, create a Facebook page. Check, check, check.
Quick side note to share with you. On the way to sign up at the courthouse, there was one single rose plant  blooming, and guess what it was? :)

Something so beautiful and simple, and it made my day. :) 
So now that I have all the groundwork laid, all that is left is to SEW. :)
I have been working on a few pieces that I will be posting soon.
In the meantime,
How about some "likes" for my Facebook page:
My Etsy shop is here: 
(Items should be listed by tomorrow! :))

 I am excited to share with you! Have a happy day! :) 

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  1. What an exciting God inspired business. Grandma would be so proud of you. Always do what you love. Lets do some shopping!!!


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