Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ponytails & Chocolate Milk

All 3 of my chickies are under one roof tonight. Thank you Lord. :) 

As I sit here in the quiet listening to the dishwasher hum, the crickets singing outside, and 2 out of 3 of my dogs snoring, I am thankful. This time of night is my favorite.

Earlier today I picked up my big kids from a week long river trip with their Oma. It was great being back together. We played and laughed, and Cheyenne poked at the kids the whole 2 hour ride home. She was so happy to see them.

On the way home we picked up Whataburger and I ordered Cheyenne a chocolate milk. She normally drinks regular milk at home (warmed up for about 30 seconds, yes she is a bit spoiled). 
Wyatt was shocked that I ordered it for her, I said well I want to let her try something a little different today. He said wow she is going to be like me now! ( He loves his chocolate milk extra cold, shaken very well.) 
We didn't discuss more after that, we just got home, unpacked, and were enjoying being back home. 

Daddy got home and we decided to head out for FroYo after dinner. Cheyenne had been playing outside and her hair looked so hot stuck against her neck. So I grabbed a tiny little ponytail holder and managed to get her hair up into a ponytail. 

Is that not the cutest?!

These next 2 pictures PERFECTLY sum up just how she feels about said ponytail.

OH the drama. If she could speak she would say Get. It. Out.
I just crack up so much over that little personality.

Both the kids looked at her and ooohhh-ed and ahhh-ed over it, but it was Wyatt's reaction that stood out the most to me.
Momma, I almost forgot about Cheyenne at the river.


She is just so different now!

What do you mean buddy?

She is just GROWED. 
We went to the river and now I came back and she is growed. 
She has a ponytail in her hair, and she is drinking chocolate milk. 

I had to keep from laughing, only because I know his feelings. 

One day they are babies, the next they are "growed".
He has always had such a tender heart, and I know he is going to be a great Daddy one day.

My heart is so happy to have all of my babies together, and growed or not, they will always be my babies. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Friday, January 6, 2017

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So I'm a little late to join this network, but here I am. Love having all of the blogs I like to read in one place. Now you can follow mine as well.

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Socks In The Drawer

This morning was a little rough. 

I woke up late, after a long night, and a few interruptions of sleep with the baby. 

There was ICE in Texas. My windshield was covered in it. 

We were running late getting the big kids to school. 

Taylor needed help with her shoelace that was stuck, Wyatt needed help with his jacket sleeve that was inside out. Cheyenne was crying, impatiently waiting for her milk. All within the 5 minutes that we needed to head out the door. 

I had the big kids situated and was changing Cheyenne's diaper when Wyatt came in and said "Momma..." And I admit, I snapped back at him. "What?!" I felt frustrated and tired, and pulled in 100 directions already and it was only 7:30. What could he possibly need now... 

"Thank you for putting my clean socks in my drawer."

My heart instantly melted. All of my unnecessary stressing just left in that moment. God was using my little 6 year old sweet-hearted boy, to speak to me. 

All I could say was "Thank you sweet boy. You are very welcome."

Quick side note on the laundry situation in our house. I can wash and dry clothes like my life depends on it. I can even sort them into prospective piles. Towels and sheets have a basket, regular clothes have a basket. The kids even are old enough now to help me sort everyone's own pile. The part that falls behind for me is the PUTTING AWAY part. We have piles everywhere. On top of the dryer, at the foot of the beds, on the couch.... Usually if someone comes to me and says - have you seen my __________(insert clothing item here)? I answer with... Have you checked the pile? My kids and husband are all gracious enough to not complain, they just go to digging. 

I am working on better execution of this whole laundry putting away business, but it's a work in progress. There are those days though, (like yesterday), when I get the clothes all folded, and actually put in their rightful place. And the couple of days that follow afterwards are AMAZING! I never have anyone comment on it though, until this morning. 

My sweet boy showed me wisdom and grace beyond his years. He showed me how to be thankful for the little things. He showed me how to show kindness and thankfulness even in the small moments. 

So today I am thankful for a warm house, and to be able to be home with my baby to enjoy it. I look forward to picking up my big kids from school in a couple of hours, and spending the weekend at home with my family. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bald Heads & Baby Feet

There is just something about a baby on their tummy checking out the world. When I look at Cheyenne I get to reminisce on my favorite parts of Taylor & Wyatt being a baby -- and get to enjoy them all over again.

Cheyenne is now 3.5 months old and she is loving her time on her tummy with her toys. She scoots herself sideways and back and forth. She talks to her toys, and makes the most adorable growling sound to talk.

Can you even handle that adorable foot in the air...
Life is sweet. I cannot believe in 2 weeks she will be 4 months old. Soaking in every minute.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life With A 5 Year Old Big Brother

This morning Wyatt woke up and came into the living room where I was feeding Cheyenne. He is usually my first one up, and I enjoy the chats that we have on the couch just him, me, and the baby. He usually talks about a dream he had, or talks about how Cheyenne is growing. 

I was done feeding Cheyenne, and she was up on my shoulder burping. Wyatt asked if he could hold her. I said sure let me make sure she burps first and then you can have her. 
Usually I check with him to wash his hands, and I guess he was anticipating that, because he beat me to the punch with a hilarious statement.

"Since I just woke up, I don't need to wash hands."
I said ok...
He continues on to say
"Ya, as long as you just wake up and haven't gone outside, and you haven't picked your nose, then it's fine to hold the baby..."

And there you have it. 
If you haven't picked your nose this morning, you are welcome to hold my baby. :-D

In all seriousness, look at them. So much love in that sweet boy's heart. I am truly thankful.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Night Before Baby

I can hardly believe it. The day is finally here. Tomorrow we get to meet our precious Cheyenne Grace. We go from a family of 4 to a family of 5. 
We are going to the hospital in the morning for a scheduled induction. This is different for us. With the first two kids, labor started on it's own so there was the element of surprise and unknown. With this one, knowing that we are going to wake up tomorrow and go have a baby... It's a crazy feeling. One minute it feels like a normal night. The next, I think oh man it's here!
We are so excited, John and I have cleaned and organized about as much as we can. The kids are at a super high energy level and so thrilled. 
In my last post, I mentioned Taylor has not talked about the baby as much as Wyatt has. Tonight though, she can't stop. :) She came home from school and told me "pretty much everyone at school knows I'm going to have a baby sister tomorrow." She has been practicing rocking, burping, singing to her babies. It's almost 11 and I found her in her room making cards for her little sister. And earlier she wrote this in her journal. My heart melts. 

So much love. 
We all can't wait to meet you Cheyenne Grace. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"I Love You Cheyenne"

So, it has been a LONG while since my last post. A very long while. However, I stumbled across a few posts that popped up on my "Facebook memories" and it made me miss writing. I miss journaling about the kids, and I really want to slow down a little to notice and remember different things that are going on. 

I say I want to slow things down as we are about to welcome our third little one, ha! We will see if I can keep up with blogging with a newborn in tow. :) She is part of the inspiration TO slow down though. I don't want to rush through life and miss it. Does anyone relate?

I have a few things I am changing up with the layout and the design of the blog, but if I keep waiting until it is "ready" I might not ever get a post out. So bear with me, as I will be making a few changes to it in the upcoming weeks! 

This picture right here is where I want this year's blogging to start.

This moment captures an entire 9 months of a story to tell. 

Wyatt placing his little hand on my belly and saying "I love you Cheyenne."

My heart melts. Both the kids have been so excited for the new baby. Taylor is thrilled to have a little sister that she can share her clothes with, and play dolls and barbies and princesses with. 
Wyatt is excited too, but he expresses it in a totally different way. When you talk about Cheyenne he gets this grin on his face, beaming ear to ear. He puts his hand on my belly and tries to figure out exactly which way she is laying. In the mornings before school he gives me a hug first, and then always gives Cheyenne a hug. He tells me "you take care of that baby while I am at school." 

I always knew I wanted to have my kids close in age so that they could grow up together and experience the same things at the same time. I honestly worried a little about having a bigger age gap between them and Cheyenne. But I will say having them a little older now, watching them throughout this whole pregnancy has made me so grateful and happy. They are so involved and I love that they get to really understand what is happening. God is so good, and I cannot wait to see them get to meet her for the first time. All of us for that matter. :)