Friday, January 6, 2017

Socks In The Drawer

This morning was a little rough. 

I woke up late, after a long night, and a few interruptions of sleep with the baby. 

There was ICE in Texas. My windshield was covered in it. 

We were running late getting the big kids to school. 

Taylor needed help with her shoelace that was stuck, Wyatt needed help with his jacket sleeve that was inside out. Cheyenne was crying, impatiently waiting for her milk. All within the 5 minutes that we needed to head out the door. 

I had the big kids situated and was changing Cheyenne's diaper when Wyatt came in and said "Momma..." And I admit, I snapped back at him. "What?!" I felt frustrated and tired, and pulled in 100 directions already and it was only 7:30. What could he possibly need now... 

"Thank you for putting my clean socks in my drawer."

My heart instantly melted. All of my unnecessary stressing just left in that moment. God was using my little 6 year old sweet-hearted boy, to speak to me. 

All I could say was "Thank you sweet boy. You are very welcome."

Quick side note on the laundry situation in our house. I can wash and dry clothes like my life depends on it. I can even sort them into prospective piles. Towels and sheets have a basket, regular clothes have a basket. The kids even are old enough now to help me sort everyone's own pile. The part that falls behind for me is the PUTTING AWAY part. We have piles everywhere. On top of the dryer, at the foot of the beds, on the couch.... Usually if someone comes to me and says - have you seen my __________(insert clothing item here)? I answer with... Have you checked the pile? My kids and husband are all gracious enough to not complain, they just go to digging. 

I am working on better execution of this whole laundry putting away business, but it's a work in progress. There are those days though, (like yesterday), when I get the clothes all folded, and actually put in their rightful place. And the couple of days that follow afterwards are AMAZING! I never have anyone comment on it though, until this morning. 

My sweet boy showed me wisdom and grace beyond his years. He showed me how to be thankful for the little things. He showed me how to show kindness and thankfulness even in the small moments. 

So today I am thankful for a warm house, and to be able to be home with my baby to enjoy it. I look forward to picking up my big kids from school in a couple of hours, and spending the weekend at home with my family. 

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