Thursday, September 29, 2011

The thing about sick babies...

My kids have been sick now off and on, for a month now. And let me tell you the thing about sick babies.

The thing about sick babies is... They are absolutely pitiful to watch, sniffling, tired, crying and uncomfortable.
They aren't "themselves". 
Doctor visits become routine.
No trips to the park, or stores. 
Humidifiers run and warm baths are frequent. 
Medicine bottles, syringes, and thermometers decorate your kitchen counter. 
Nighttime? That's for sleeping? Oh. Thanks for the reminder ;) 

The thing about sick babies is... it is very easy to get frustrated. 
Momma's patience is tested. (and probably Daddy's too ;)
Sleep deprivation causes everyone's tensions to run high.
Chores get pushed to the back burner.
That pile of laundry is ever multiplying.
You will wonder when life will return to normal.

But let me tell you something else about sick babies. 
They need to be cuddled. 
They want you to hold them close. 
They need all the love they can soak up. 

And that is a wonderful thing.

My Taylor growing up has always been a snuggler. She needed to be rocked to sleep as a baby, patted on the back as a toddler, and she still asks for you to lay with her "just a little bit" before bed. I know I can always count on her to have a hug ready for me. 

Wyatt on the other hand is my little independent man. 
He is affectionate in his own way. He drools on your face for a kiss, runs and sits in your lap, then bounces right back out again. At 6 months old he gave up his bottle, and no longer wanted to be rocked. He just wanted his sippy cup of milk and to be left alone in his bed. As a toddler now, he still likes to be left alone. With a few cars, and a puppy dog stuffed animal, he will play until he goes to sleep. 

Early on I told John that he was so much easier to put in bed than Taylor was.We laughed about how we would lay on the floor in Tay's room until she fell asleep, and if you made any movement at all she would poke her little head up to make sure you weren't leaving. Countless times we would sneak out of Taylor's room, army crawling so she wouldn't catch us. How different Wyatt is. If he could wave us out of his room I am pretty sure he would.  So recently I have found myself feeling a little sad. I see how fast Wyatt is growing up and I want my little baby back. I want to hold him longer, I want to snuggle and rock him to sleep. I am thankful that God has blessed us with a easy going little boy, but momma just wants to hold him for longer than 30 seconds! 

So that's the thing about my sick babies...

I hate to see them suffer and feel bad, and I really would prefer to sleep during the night. 

But the extra snuggles, hugs, kisses, and love I feel from my sweet kids,
 is so worth it. 

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