Monday, May 16, 2011

Siblings by birth.....

BEST friends by choice!

Lately I have just been taking time to watch my babies. And I have been so touched.. So proud.. So grateful. Every day I thank my good Lord for giving me the 2 greatest blessings I could have ever asked for. I have been observing the close bond that my children share right now, and it warms my heart. I want to remember every second of it. [because I know that there are times that they will have their "moments" and not exactly act like bff's if you know what I mean ;) ] So here is a little list of things I am loving right now..

I absolutely love the fact that every morning Tay wakes up and comes in to my room, she waits by the monitor to listen for her brother to wake up.

I love that even though Wyatt wakes up saying "mama" he looks right past me when I walk in the door and his eyes light up when he sees his sister.

I love that even before asking for breakfast, juice, or to go outside, Tay and Wyatt spend a good part of the morning playing with toys on his bedroom floor, and laugh and talk with each other. [their favorite toy at the moment, the busy ball popper]

I love that if I ask Tay if she wants to go to the store, she asks me "can brother come with us?"

I love how Tay says "come on broler" and he toddles after her, just grinning ear to ear, laughing hysterically.

I love that if it is naptime and Wyatt is still awake, he will sit outside Tay's room crying (have you ever seen the boy cry? Yes I even love his cry... because it is more of an adorable pout then an actual cry...) and might I add, this usually results in no nap for either, because the door is usually opened, and playing resumes..

I love that when John comes home, Taylor runs squealing to the door, and Wyatt is always right behind her, closely followed by Fifi -- All of them compete to be the loudest ;)

I love that every night we go outside, Taylor asks me to push her on the swing, and then tells me to push brother too, because he wants to go high too.

I love that at dinner time Taylor always asks me to put Wyatt closer to her, even if it means he is able to reach out, grab her plate and throw it to the floor.. (just a hypothetical example of course! hehe)

I love that when it is time for bath time, you better make sure to include both of them, I only tried the "oh Wyatt did not get that dirty today, I will just let Taylor play in the bath a while" ONCE.. Wyatt heard that water, and then commenced the adorable pout outside the door..
And while we are on the subject of bath time, if you saw us you might wonder who took a or them, with the amount of splashing that goes on between the two of them..

I love the fact that when we say prayers at night, Taylor always thanks Jesus for her brother, her daddy, and mama, and "us family"

I love that when it is time to settle down and watch TV before bed, (Tay's nightly routine) she asks if Wyatt can stay in her room "still a little while".
 And for now, this usually results in them playing for 30 more minutes, on and off the bed, laughing, giggling and procrastinating..  Maybe one day Wyatt will slow down for a moment and watch TV with his sister. Just maybe ;)

I love my kids.
Thank you Jesus.

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