Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sneak Peek ;)

So it is 1 in the morning and I cannot fall asleep..
Physically, I am exhausted.. I decided to take on the task of cleaning, organizing and rearranging my closet and scrapbooking stuff today..
In the middle of my cleaning spree I thought to myself.. "I'm supposed to be CLEANING up. Not making a giant mess" (see pic of my bed....a bit overwhelming..) but the good news? It's done! Yay!
So while I am extremely tired, I still have about 53728 things on my mind that I am wanting to blog about, I just cannot get started right now ;) which is why I am typing to you from my phone in the comfort of my bed, instead of up at the computer..
Regardless, tired or not, my mind will not shut off yet, so I thought I would offer you a little "sneak peek" into my goals :
1. Finishing my Wyatt James' first birthday invitations ( I am attempting to make them myself so wish me luck!)
2. Completing my COUPON BINDER!
EEEK! I am way too excited...
3. Starting a "Garden Series" for this blog, named Garden to Table... go ahead, let your curiosity get the best of u! ;)  
I am excited for the things to come, and looking forward to sharing with you soon!  Now if there could just be more hours in the day......
Sweet dreams :)

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