Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where does the time go??

Today I woke up fully thinking it was Wednesday. I was planning out the rest of my week, and suddenly it dawned on me that it was Thursday! This week has truly flown by. And for that matter, so has the past couple of years! My Taylor and Wyatt are growing up so fast.. People always say "enjoy this time because they grow up so fast" and he immediat response is "yea sure, only about the 50th time I've heard that..." But it is so true!
I will admit, however, that the first month with Wyatt went by really slow. I went from having my 2 year old sleeping 12 hours straight at night, to up every few hours with my little handsome boy. I can remember thinking "it's only been one month?!?!" But now here I am, he will be 5 months old this Sunday and I cannot believe it. He is scooting around, rolling over, reaching around for toys, and flirting with everyone he sees - giving them his sly little smile. and bonus - he is sleeping 9 hours every night. Woo hoo for sleeping in until 7 30 ;)
Now for my Taylor.. My mom-in-law told me the other day "she is 2 going on 20" and that pretty much sums up my almost 3 year old. She is dramatic and loud and she has a mind of her own.This week has been a change for me, and I am not sure I am ready for it! She has decided that she does not need me to help her go into the bathroom. Usually, she would run around frantically telling me "potty! potty! potty!" and I would rush her into the bathroom, help her get up on the "big girl potty" and she would do her thing. Well...a few days ago she ran around and told me "gotta go potty!" I got up, started walking with her to the bathroom, when she stopped me at the door, pointed her little finger at me and told me "NO mommy, I'm going myself, you stay here." and closed the door in my face. I opened the door, which was a mistake. She told me to close the door, and don't open it EVER...(such a big word for a 2 year old) Ever so curious, I peeked in, and saw her climb up by herself, get the toilet paper, get down, and wash her hands. I backed away from the door so she wouldn't catch me, and she ran out with the biggest grin on her face and told me "I did it! Good girl! High five!" (she loves to praise herself. lol) I was filled with mixed emotions at that moment.. I was mostly proud of her, but a tiny part of me was a little sad. She is growing up and constantly changing right in front of my eyes. She has continued this bathroom pattern throughout the week, so I guess this new phase is here to stay. Until the next one comes along.. My aunt told me when Tay was born "never get used to their schedule, because as soon as you think you have them figured out, they go and change it on you." And once again, very wise advice...
So, I am just taking it one day at a time, the good days and the bad, and knowing it will all change so quickly, I am determined to cherish every moment I have with my sweet, smiley, lovable Wyatt and my independent, energetic, comedian Taylor. :)

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  1. They say that a child steps on your toes for a little while and your heart forever. That is so funny/sad. Miss Independant is all ready to grow up. What is the hurry is my question? Not one of my kids can tell why they chose to grow up so fast. BUT I am going to enjoy every minute of the ride along their childhood. What a joy to be a part of it.


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