Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome :)

Hi there and welcome to my newest creative endeavor!
As a child, I kept a diary. I wrote things like "I went outside and rode horses today." or on a sadder day. "My favorite chicken died today. I am sad". Moving on into middle school, I kept my "diary" however, now it was called a "journal" because having a diary is so babyish. Now in this phase of life, the stories begin to change. You keep track of the boys that you have a crush on, the girls that are causing drama, and all the exciting things in between. Towards the end of middle school you start to lose interest in keeping a diary/journal, unless your me. Yes that's right. I kept a journal all the way until I had my first baby. There was something about writing and expressing my feelings that brought me great joy. Once my daughter Taylor was born, I simply did not have time anymore, and once I got out of the habit, I just never went back to it... until now ;) There are many times in my day (especially when my children are involved) where I think, I want to write this down, I want to cherish this moment forever. So here I am, writing again, and inviting you to share with me :) Whether it be an uplifting story, a downright funny thing my kids did, an adventure, my latest crafting endeavor, or even struggles and trials; I hope that you will read along, be encouraged and uplifted, and above all, be Blessed of the Lord :)

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