Monday, January 23, 2012

Car Wash... A Scary Place?

Who knew... That a car wash could be so frightening! I certainly didn't. But I was soon to find out that my sweet Wyatt was NOT a fan of the car wash. Last week we had the first sunny day in a long time. I took advantage of that and went to the car wash! I expected Taylor to cover her ears as usual...

 But, I wasn't prepared for Wyatt's reaction! 

Bawling. Tears. Begging for me to hold his little hand.

So for the length of the wash, I sat back and held his little hand. 

Poor baby. 
I think I will spare him the car washes for a while. 
When we got home, I still wanted to clean the inside, and a few spots on the outside, and for that I had some fabulous little helpers. Wyatt liked washing cars from the outside

Coco even dunked her head in the bucket.

And tah dah! Finally clean! 

Before we got in it to head out this weekend, I told John "Look... My car looks and smells nice. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!" Ha ha... 
I think I would like a dust buster for my car! 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a fabulous week :) 

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  1. LOL my poor little man! His face was pitiful. He really does need to get out of the "country" a little more. If it wasnt so sad it would be hilarious. :( :00 :))


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