Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So... We are looking for a dog! ;)

For the past couple of months my husband has been hinting...talking...looking for a dog. A chocolate lab in particular. And every time he has brought it up, I'm pretty sure I have come up with every excuse possible not to get one.  

We aren't home enough.
We don't have a big enough yard. 
What if he chews up every single toy the kids own. (Oh wait, I already have a little rat dog to worry about doing that.) 
(what I found under my bed when we repainted our room...Fifi's stash)

What if we don't have enough time to train it.
Maybe it's too cold to try to bring a puppy home. 

You name it, I've thought it up!
I don't know what it is that "scares" me about a big dog but I think I am out of practice. Growing up we had a German Shepherd, a Boxer, two Border Collies, two Pugs, and a mini Australian Shepherd. I am no stranger to big dogs. I was always the one in the family that loved to train the dogs. I spent hours outside running and playing with my 4 legged companions. Then, once I moved out of the house, I bought a dog that my dad never wanted in the house. A "yip yip" dog named FIFI

So fondly nicknamed "the most annoying dog in the world", Fifi does not know that she is a dog. At just 4 pounds, she is my little sidekick that goes with me everywhere. (Literally...if I go into the bathroom she will sit outside the door and whine until I come out) If we go somewhere for the weekend, she jumps right up in to the suburban and rides along with us. 

Going to Mimi's, Oma's, or the Great-Grandma's for the day, she thinks that she is the guest of honor. 
She sleeps at the foot of our bed.

 sits on our laps when we watch tv, and sunbathes in the windowsill on a warm sunny day.

She really is like a little human. Spoiled rotten, and I love it. She is just what I have always wanted.

  In my mind she keeps up with our pace, and if I need to go somewhere she just goes with me. 

I feel worried if I have to leave a big dog at home. That this little 4 pound child has already taken up all the space this family can handle.

However, the more I think on it, the more positives I can come up with.
I realize that we are home...A lot.
Big dogs are loyal, fun to train (after all Fifi does not know any commands other than come here. Ha ha.) and an experience I want my kids to be a part of, the way I had growing up. 
Fifi would love to have another dog to play with, so long as he doesn't take her spot under the feather blankets. (which I assure you, will not be happening.) 

When I told John that maybe we weren't ready for a dog, his response was to build a fence. 
Gotta love his can-do attitude. He has been building a fence, pricing dog food, and searching classifieds and craigslist for puppies. It is his dream to own a "real" dog. (Yip Yip dogs don't count... Hmm sounds familiar!) He sees a wrangler commercial with a man and his dog, and grins. Anyone with a dog in the back of the truck he points out. He talks about going on walks and hunts with a dog that can retrieve for him. He talks about Taylor and Wyatt growing up with a puppy. He is designing a dog house to build. 

I think it is time. And you know what? I am kind of excited. (Even if I hate to admit it) 
Now the decision comes... 
Chocolate or Black. 
Who will decide??? :) 

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