Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Momma's Boy

Well hello there!

I am finally back and have a new post! Woo hoo! I have missed writing and yes I know... I only wrote three entries before I lost track of time and neglected my poor blog.... But I am back. (for now. hehe)

Lets see what happened between now and my last entry. In a nutshell....

My birthday..
New Years..
..Teething Baby
Crawling Baby..
..Standing Baby
Almost cruising baby..
..Family flu 
Valentine's Day
Dad's 50th birthday planning
Taylor's 3rd party planning

So... that about sums up the past 3 months of my life :) I am determined to keep up this blog a little bit better.. Starting today. :)

Today I woke up to a new sound.. Usually when Wyatt wakes up he just fusses. For those of you who know him, know that he rarely crys. He mostly makes a grumbling sound. Quite like a grumpy little man, belly achin. ;) But today was something new, as I listened on the monitor I hear, a bit of grumbling followed by a very clear mmmm---aaaaa.

Yes. I do believe he was trying to say Mama. And it melted my heart.

When John got home I told him that I thought Wyatt was trying Mama, and he just grinned, shaking his head. See, Taylor's first word was Dada. She is his little girl, and she knows she has her daddy wrapped. So I believe John might think I am trying to imagine things up. After all, everyone knows that it is easier for babies to pronounce a D rather than an M.

Well..we were getting the kids ready for bed, and Wyatt was a little fussy, ready for his nightime bottle. And sure enough, it happened again, this time with John standing there. I heard it, the "mmmmm" sound followed by a short "MA!" I looked up to see if John was paying attention and he had a big smile on his face. No denying it this time ;)

He looked at Wyatt and said "Are you a Momma's boy?" and he looked at me and said "Would that make you happy?"

What do you think :)

Truth is, it doesn't matter to me whether he says Momma, Dada, or anything else. It just makes me so happy to see him growing, developing, and forming word sounds. But yes, if the boy loves and wants his mama, my heart is beaming with pride. I am going to enjoy all I can right now, because I know in a very short time he will be all grown up and I will miss these times very much.

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