Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Look Behind The Scenes

Well hello there! Happy 2013! :) I am excited for a new year of blogging, and I have made a promise to myself to write more this year. No more excuses. I will spare you the "catch up" lines because I know, I know, I ALREADY have a couple posts dedicated to the usual "it's been a while, I promise to stay caught up, etc etc" And then 4.5 months go by without one single post. Ouch! 
I always have all these thoughts swirling in my head, it is just taking the time to sit down and write!
 So here I am. 
Making an effort. 
Because I want to look back and know that I took the time to remember the little things. 
To document my children's lives, because as I know too well, they grow up SO quickly. 

One thing that I have been pretty good at keeping up with is my Project365 on my facebook page. If you are not too familiar with it, basically it is taking a picture every day, something to remember that day by. I started in 2011 and JUST started my 2013 album. Yes, it is January 9. But, honestly, I had thought about taking a break for the year. I can't exactly pinpoint a reason why, but I thought I would give it a break nonetheless. Well... I changed my mind. I went through my phone and found that I had already taken at least 2 pictures every day up until now. Thus, Project365:2013 was started, TODAY. :)
 I love pictures. I love the story they tell. I love capturing a moment that will never be there again. 
Taking pictures comes easy to me, so why not take it a step further and document those pictures.
 I thought about making a book out of each year of pictures. What fun it would be for us to flip through, for the kids to flip through one day! It makes me happy to think about. :)

Now, here is where my title comes into play. 
"Behind The Scenes" 
Some days don't feel very picture worthy. Some days you wonder, what could I possibly find in this day that I would want to remember later? Yes, I have had those days. 
But, one thing that I really try to live by, is to find the good in everything. Find the positive. Thank God for His many, many, blessings on my life. 
Take for example this photo.

1/8/13 - Sweet brother and sister. :)

Taylor and Wyatt were watching TV together when Tay calls me into the room saying, "Momma! Come look at us! Take a picture!" I took the picture and both of them looked at it. (Wyatt likes to look and say "aww" at any picture. It is so cute.) Then I walk away. Not 5 minutes later, I hear Taylor SCREAMING, at a pitch I am sure only that girl can reach, it is so shrill. 
"Tay, what happened?"
Crying turns to anger.
"Wyatt, you do NOT hit your sister. You tell her your sorry."
"Sowwie sister."
Taylor pushes him because she is still mad. Now Wyatt starts crying.
"Sister pushed meeeeeeeeeeee!"
"Taylor, you don't push your brother."

Pretty picture right? ;) ;) ;) 

This is why I decided capturing these moments are crucial, even if they are brief. ;)
These pictures are proof that there is always some good worth finding, even if you feel like you have been a referee in the midst of a bickering filled day. 
I love my babies more than words can say. 
I love that they have each other to grow up with and I pray they always stay best friends. 

This is what I choose to focus on today. And, I hope you have a happy day too. :)

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  1. Absolutely Picture Perfect!!! Even the fights carry a ton of humor. The drama, the he did it, she did it, I didn't do it. Did you do it????? "Nooooo" well of course you didn't. I guess the dogs did it. CoCo, FiFi oh FiFi never does anything. She didnt do it. LOLOLOLOL just makes you crazy!!! But hey life is crazy and I just choose to enjoy it. You wanna do it?? Love you.


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